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Our Goal
Bay Area Chest Physicians are a group of specialty doctors, who are dedicated to providing timely and compassionate quality patient care. In order to facilitate this goal, they have a competent, caring, professional staff to assist with all patient questions and concerns.
Mission Statement
It is our desire to establish a relationship that will result in your optimal care, both physically and mentally. All physicians and staff are educated, oriented, and trained to achieve those results.
What is a Pulmonary Specialist?
A pulmonary specialist is a physician who treats diseases of the lungs; such as, emphysema, asthma, pneumonia, etc. They are also involved in the treatment of critically ill patients and also patients with sleeping disorders.
A pulmonary disease specialist is required to complete three years of training in internal medicine and two additional years of studying pulmonary disease. The group of doctors at Bay Area Chest Physicians have also completed additional fellowship studies in other areas; including, critical care medicine and sleep medicine.
Why do we have a group practice?
We feel a group practice allows us to give you the best care available. On a rotating basis two of the physicians will be in the office seeing scheduled patients, and the other doctors will be seeing patients in the hospital and emergencies. Consequently, you may not always see your doctor if you are in the hospital.
We also feel this allows us to care for you more readily in an emergency without disrupting patients that are scheduled in the office. Your physician is informed of your acute illness and, if you are hospitalized, they will be kept aware of your progress. In this manner, you will be indirectly cared for by Nine lung specialists.

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